A Quick Announcement


I would like to make a quick announcement regarding Mangez Bien blog! Drumroll please….

Mangez Bein has been created into a bigger and better blog with a new name.  I’ve wanted to create a blog about my recipes and health tips for a long time now, and I want to do it the right way.  This involves having a new website created just for me with a look and feel that exudes my personality.

I am excited to announce that my new website is officially ready to be published.  Unfortunately, I cannot keep my MangezBien blog name because it is already taken like everything else.  However, I did come up with a new name that has not been thought of or shall I say ‘bought’ yet.  The new name will be SaltandPepper2taste.com.  This blog will have the same content plus so much more!

Please follow me to SaltandPepper2taste.com and let’s continue our food and health journey!


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